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The best Moto X4 cases and covers to safeguard your smartphone

Best Moto X4 cases
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends
The Moto X4 is a fine addition to Motorola’s midrange product line, and a pretty handsome handset in its own right (as explored in our Moto X4 hands-on review). While the Gorilla Glass 5 and aluminum frame will be able to take a beating, what’s the point in letting that happen when you don’t have to? To avoid undue damage to your shiny new Moto X4, we’ve put together a list of the best Moto X4 cases currently available that you may wish to consider to keep your pride and joy looking scratch-free and fully covered at all times.

LK Ultra-Slim Clear TPU Case ($8)

lk clear case best moto x4 cases

You chose and bought the Moto X4, so why wouldn’t you want to see it when you use it? This clear case from LK is perfect for people who want to protect their phone against outside hazards, but still want to be able to see the style of the Motorola smartphone they bought. Made of flexible TPU, this case protects against minor scratches and dents that would otherwise mar the body of your X4. While the super-slim style of LK’s case isn’t going to keep your phone as protected as a more heavy-duty case, it still provides good protection, gives extra grip, provides access to all the ports and functions of your device, and doesn’t add much bulk to the lines of your phone. If you’re not actually that bothered about seeing your phone, but want a low-fuss case, it’s also available in black.

MP-Mall Shockproof Clear TPU Case ($8)

mp mall clear case best moto x4 cases

Like the idea of keeping your phone fully visible, but not keen on the lower level of protection that LK’s ultra-slim case offers? Then this Moto X4 case might be more up your alley. While the bulkier appearance isn’t for everyone, anyone looking for a bit more protection for their X4 should be happy with this case from MP-Mall. Again, made of a flexible TPU, this case provides all the same benefits, with anti-scratch and protective properties — but is reinforced by the addition of large, raised corners that help to absorb impact. A raised edge along the outside of the screen also helps to keep your display from resting against surfaces, preventing scratches. Despite the raised corners, it offers a fairly sleek and slim profile. It also comes in black if you’re after a more executive look.

Dretal Carbon Fiber-Style Black Case ($8)

dretal best moto x4 cases

Looking for something a little more hard-wearing? Dretal is TPU case comes with a futuristic carbon fiber-style look, and a soft grip that enhances the feel of your phone and ensures that you can keep a good hold on it at all times. Once again made of a soft TPU, Dretal has gone above and beyond to ensure that this case offers good drop protection and shock absorbent qualities, as well as keeping dirt, grit, and other harmful substances away from the body of your phone. Protection on the corners of the case ensure that shocks are transferred away from your phone, and the slightly raised edge keeps your display away from surfaces. Thanks to the soft button covers and port openings, you can access all of your phone’s functions without having to remove the case.

LK Leather-Style Wallet Cover ($10)

lk leather best moto x4 cases

We’re back with LK for our next offering, and our first case that’s not completely made of TPU. If you’re looking for all-round protection, utility, and a smooth look that’s welcome anywhere, then you really can’t go wrong with a wallet case. This wallet case from LK is made of a leather-style PU material that’s durable, easy to maintain and clean, and more than capable of keeping your device protected. It also comes with a series of card slots on the inside of the case that fold around the screen when not in use (protecting the screen), and fold back when in use, keeping out of the way. Not only that, but you can also fold the case into a handy stand for media viewing. Inner drop protection is offered by the snug TPU shell that holds your phone (hey, we said not completely made of TPU), and it all comes together in a great little case that’s a fantastic buy if you’re looking for something a bit more sophisticated.

E-Outfit Hybrid Dual Layer Armor Case ($9)

e outfit best moto x4 cases

E-Outfit offers what might be the most protective case on this list. A combination of a soft TPU inner shell and a hard outer polycarbonate shell, E-Outfit’s Hybrid Dual Layer case offers resistance to shocks and bumps thanks to the soft TPU inner core, while also protecting against threats that might pierce the TPU, provided via the hard polycarbonate outer shell. Together, E-Outfit has made a case for your Moto X4 that will be able to take most of what’s thrown at it. In addition, the TPU layer comes with an anti-slip coating to help you keep a grip on your phone, and raised edges that keep your screen away from surfaces when set face-down. It’s not bad-looking either, with smooth black TPU and a metal-look to the polycarbonate shell.

So those are our best choices for keeping your Moto X4 fully protected at all times. But what about the inside of your phone? Keep it safe with our selection of the best anti-virus apps for Android. While you’re at it, check out our list of the best Android games as well. And see how the Moto X4 fares against the Moto Z2 Force and Xperia XZ1 Compact in our handset head-to-heads.

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