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5 best screen protectors to defend your Samsung Galaxy S7’s display

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Kārlis Dambrāns
So you’re now in possession of a Samsung Galaxy S7, one of the most powerful Android smartphones in existence. It certainly isn’t a cheap device, so you’ll want to make sure it’s protected and in working condition for quite some time. One way to keep your smartphone safe is to apply a screen protector, but choosing the right one could be a bit of a hassle, and you don’t want to accidentally choose one that’s meant for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge or the Galaxy S7 Active, as they’re all different sizes. Fortunately, we’ve already picked out a few of our favorite Galaxy S7 screen protectors specifically made for the Galaxy S7, all of which are below.

The Best

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield ($8)

ArmorSuit MilitaryShield

Based on the name alone, you’d be right to assume the MilitaryShield from ArmorSuit would offer great protection for your Galaxy S7’s display. Not only is it scratch-resistant, but in the event that a minor scratch does appear on the protector, it offers a self-healing feature that should take care of it. Furthermore, the screen reduces dust, oil, and fingerprint smudges, and has corrosion and moisture protection to back up the device’s waterproof capabilities — none of which impact the protector’s clarity or responsiveness.The best part? All of ArmorSuit’s MilitaryShields are backed by lifetime warranty, so if anything should happen to yours, you can get a new one for free.

The Rest

iCarez Full Coverage Screen Protector ($8)

iCarez [Full Coverage] Screen Protector

This Galaxy S7 screen protector from iCarez doesn’t just cover the screen, but the entire front of your phone, to the point that it may become difficult to even see the protector. Application is easy enough, and doesn’t require a special solution. There’s even a special applicator to help you smooth things out and avoid bubbles during application. The protector’s anti-scratch properties and ability to absorb shock are its main hallmarks, along with the cutouts for your phone’s camera, home button, and speaker.

iLLumiShield AquaShield ($8)

iLLumiShield AquaShield

What the AquaShield lacks in precise cutouts — it has chunks cut out for the speaker, camera, and home button — it more than makes up for with protection and clarity. The AquaShield is made to withstand any scratches or falls that may do harm to the Galaxy S7’s display, and does so while maintaining a crystal-clear screen. Like other protectors, it will be hard to spot after application, and it won’t affect the phone’s responsiveness. The protector is also UV-resistant to prevent yellowing, and if any aspect of the AquaShield ever fails, iLLumiShield will replace it.

IQ Shield LiqQuidSkin ($8)

IQ Shield LiQuidSkin

The IQ Shield LiQuidSkin is another edge-to-edge screen cover, one that comes with self-healing and scratch-resistant capabilities. The application process doesn’t involve a solution that’s included in the kit, which may be a turn off for some, but the end result is a display that’s protected by a smooth, bubble-free screen cover that won’t leave a residue behind if it’s ever removed. There’s no need to worry about yellowing with the LiQuidSkin either, given the built-in UV layer completely removes the possibility of it ever happening. And just like other screen protectors on our list, it’s backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.

Skinomi MatteSkin ($10)

Skinomi MatteSkin

Skinomi’s screen cover is perfect for those who frequently use phone while outside. The materials used to make this particular case offer anti-glare protection, meaning the covered display of the Galaxy S7 will still be visible while in direct sunlight. Beyond this, though, everything else about the MatteSkin is standard fare. It provides full coverage, precise cutouts, self-healing, bubble-free installation, and defense against scratches and fingerprint smudges.

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