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BlackBerry Q10 photos: Pics of the first BB 10 phone with a full QWERTY

Check our full review of the BlackBerry Q10 phone.

BlackBerry is making its comeback attempt starting today, and it’s bringing an old friend along for the ride. The QWERTY keyboard is back – whether you want it or not. One of BlackBerry’s launch devices, the Q10, has a physical keyboard prominently featured on the device.

Though BB 10 is supposed to be a new starting point for BlackBerry, the company just can’t leave every part of its identity behind. The Q10 has the same look as the famous BlackBerry devices that came before it. Equipped with a 3.1-inch screen and that QWERTY keyboard, it’s a device that was built for those who want to appear like important businesspeople. While the look of the phone isn’t too much of a departure from previous BlackBerry handsets, it’s all about the operating on this one. Running the new BlackBerry 10 OS, the phone looks like it can overpower and out-task its predecessors. Check out our gallery with the Q10 to get a feel for it before it hits store shelves this February and March.

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