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Who needs a charging cable when you have the Boomerang case for the iPhone?

Boomerang Case: Origin (Narrated)
Although charging cases exist to keep you farther away from power outlets than you would otherwise need to be, even they need to be charged. Unfortunately, doing so requires you to keep a charging cable handy. Enter the Boomerang case for the iPhone 6 and 6S, which tries to eliminate that issue in an interesting way.

First thing’s first: it’s not called the Boomerang case because it returns after you throw it. Instead, the case gained its name from the inclusion of a two-foot charging cable, which not only extends and retracts in stages, but fully retracts back into the case once you have no need for it, and at the press of a button. The cable also performs data syncing, so you can use it to transfer files from your computer to your iPhone, and vice-versa.

Because of its raison d’être, the Boomerang case also helps you keep track of where your charging cable is, since it’s part of the case and not a removable appendage. The case does include a Micro USB port, so you can use a separate cable for charging if you desire.

However, that’s not the only trick up the Boomerang case’s sleeve, as it also allows customers to swap out the tops of their cases for another top. As an example, the folks behind the Boomerang case will offer a swappable top called the “Boost Top,” which will give the Boomerang case the ability to charge your iPhone. According to the case’s Indiegogo page, the battery in the Boost Top will provide the iPhone with an extra 55 percent of available battery. By enabling the Boomerang case to provide both a charger and an additional battery, the Boost Top effectively kills two birds with one stone.

With nine days left in its Indiegogo campaign and a total of 350 backers, the Boomerang case has already exceeded its goal of $25,000. As for the case itself, you can pick it up starting at $60 for the base Boomerang case. If you want the Boost Top included with the case, you’ll have to fork over at least an extra $20. The case comes in a variety of colors, though any variant will come with the case itself, a headphone jack extension, and a Micro USB cable.

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