Worst thief ever? Police just found a man who shared his hiding location on Snapchat

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There are two kinds of thieves in this world: those who never get caught, and those who Snapchat. Yet another criminal has met his downfall, thanks to a pair of ill-advised Snapchats to his untrustworthy friends.

Christopher Wallace, wanted by police in Somerset County, Maine for stealing a cast iron wood stove and a propane cook stove, sent a Snapchat revealing that he was holed up in a house in Fairfield to avoid the cops. Someone informed the cops of Wallace’s location, so they arrived at the residence to conduct a search.

Even though the police were almost certain that Wallace was in the house, or at least had been there earlier, their search initially prove fruitless. At least, until they were tipped off by the recipient of Wallace’s second Snapchat. The wood stove thief was caught hiding in a cabinet, after he revealed his brilliant hiding place in a message to his friends.

“A search of the kitchen cabinets turned up some food, some pots and pans, and also a pair of feet,” the Somerset County Sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook. “The pair of feet just so happened to be attached to a person, and that person was Christopher Wallace. He was removed from the cabinet, and placed under arrest.”

The police added that Erika Hall, the woman who was in the house at the time of his arrest, was also booked for “hindering apprehension,” of Wallace with misleading statements. Hall had told officers multiple times that no one else was in the house, and that Wallace hadn’t been seen for weeks.

In conclusion, the officers warned criminals not to be so boastful: “All of that, brings me to the moral of the story. Always remain humble, my friends.”