Best app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps for free for a limited time

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Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
Everyone likes free apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for free for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up while you have the chance. Here are the latest and greatest apps on sale in the iOS App Store.

These apps normally cost money and this sale lasts for a limited time only. If you go to the App Store and it says the app costs money, that means the deal has expired and you will be charged. 

Addition Addict


Working on your (kid’s) math skills? With Addition Addict, you’ll have to select numbers whose sum is equal to the assigned value. Sound easy? Don’t speak too fast.



screen322x572 (1)

This all in one Swipe Keyboard is fully customizable and lets you swipe in English, Russian, and Spanish. Thanks to its intelligent personalized prediction system and autocorrect, you’ll be typing faster than ever.


Pressure Art

screen322x572 (2)

Fancy yourself an artist? This simple drawing app increases the radius of a circle in response to how much pressure you put on the screen.


Personality Express

screen322x572 (3)

Gain valuable insights into your personality with this app. You can use these tools for an advantage in your career, friendships, relationships, and more.


Sky Live

screen322x572 (4)

Sky Live works with your iPhone to alert you of upcoming astronomical events and tell you everything that’s going on in the world above you. Better yet, it’s now paired with your Apple Watch.



screen322x572 (5)

Sometimes, automation isn’t better. ReliCam gives you manual controls to take advantage of your device’s camera — adjust focus, ISO, shutter speed, and zoom, all on your own.


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