Best app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps for free for a limited time

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Everyone likes free apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers put paid apps on sale for free for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up while you have the chance. Here are the latest and greatest apps on sale in the iOS App Store.

These apps normally cost money and this sale lasts for a limited time only. If you go to the App Store and it says the app costs money, that means the deal has expired and you will be charged. 

gTasks Pro


Always know what you need to do with gTasks Pro. This app lets you sync your tasks with Google and across your Mac, iPhone, and other Apple devices.



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TubePop lets you stream and organize music directly from YouTube. You can also build playlists, share music with friends, and stream onto any AirPlay-enabled device.


Voice Secretary

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Never miss an important meeting or event again with Voice Secretary. This app lets you use your own voice to record reminders, saving you time from typing and customizing your own alerts. Everything is readily available even when the app is turned off.


Basic Calc Pro


For all those times that you just need a basic calculator, this app is for you. Perform simple calculations in this easy to use, intuitive interface.


Scrawler I


Whether you’re looking to take notes or play a quick game of Tic-tac-toe, this is the app for you. It works on all Apple devices — from the first generation iPhone to the latest iPad, you can sync your doodles across platforms.



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