Best app deals of the day! 6 paid iPhone apps for free for a limited time

Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
Everyone likes apps, but sometimes the best ones are a bit expensive. Now and then, developers make paid apps free for a limited time, but you have to snatch them up while you have the chance. Here are the latest and greatest apps on sale in the iOS App Store.

These apps normally cost money, and this sale lasts for a limited time only. If you go to the App Store and it says the app costs money, that means the deal has expired and you will be charged. 

Trader’s Way

Trader’s Way is a mind-challenging game in which you are introduced to the ups and downs of the stock market. It will allow you to master your trading skills and practice how to use strategy.


Soccer Kick

Kick the ball to the target on the roof to score.You lose one ball if a ball falls to the ground. It’s a simple game, but one that’s challenging to master.


Crazy Tapper +

You’ve got just 60 seconds to set a record. Just tap and tap stars as quickly as possible and compete with players worldwide.



This app turns your iPhone or iPad into a full-featured PDF document scanner so you can stop taking photos of important documents.


myCal Pro

No more dots in your calendar — get myCal PRO instead to display the events you need to see, and this app just may replace your other calendars.



To use this iPhone ruler, put your finger on the screen and slide your phone with your other hand. Pull the arrow down to reel off and see your measurements.


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