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Donald Trump says ‘no thanks’ to using a smartphone and email

Donald Trump
Gage Skidmore/Flickr
Some say that his hands are simply too tiny to type on a phone keyboard. Others suggest that all he has to do is think of an email to send one. Whatever the reason, a recent report suggests that none other than Donald Trump doesn’t carry a phone or send emails.

Which begs the question: How on Earth does he send all those tweets?

According to a Bloomberg report, the fact that Trump doesn’t carry a phone or send emails has been the source of major friction in the Trump campaign. Could it be that Trump’s underuse of technology has something to do with the firing of now ex campaign manager Corey Lewandowski?

It’s interesting to hear that Trump doesn’t carry a smartphone — previously (based on his Twitter activity), we thought that he used not one but two phones: an iPhone and a Samsung. That’s despite the fact that he called for a ban on all Apple products. Could it be that he has others handle his tweeting duties? If so, either the appalling grammar is intentional, or Trump needs new tweet-writers.

Still, Trump did tell Anderson Cooper in an interview that he “writes” his own tweets — so perhaps he writes them down, and his tech-users have to then tweet them word for word.

Of course, it’s not known at this point whether he doesn’t own a smartphone or if he just doesn’t take it with him when he goes out.

It’s entirely possible that Trump refuses to use technology because he thinks it will be hacked or that the person on the other end of his communications will record what he says and use that against him.

He’s not alone in avoiding email — Supreme Court justices don’t use email either, as revealed by Justice Elena Kagan.

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