Droid Incredible 2 hitting Verizon on April 28 for $199

The Droid Incredible is getting a sequel, but it’s a lot like the original. Today, HTC and Verizon announced that the Droid Incredible 2 will be available on April 28 for $199.99, with a two-year contract. However, those who are holding out for the new phone, you might as well get the original. The Incredible 2 appears to be pretty much the same phone, with a face lift.

Like its hit phone last year, the Incredible 2 has a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 512MB of RAM, 8MP rear camera, and runs on Android 2.2. There are a few upgrades: the screen has grown from 3.7 to 4.0 inches, it has a 1.3MP front-facing camera, its camera can better detect faces, it can operate as a mobile hotspot for up to five Wi-Fi devices, it has GSM built into it as well as CDMA so it should work if you leave the USA, and it can capture 720p video and share using DLNA. In addition, it has integrated noise cancelling technology for clearer calls and “SRS WOWHD” surround sound.

The lack of a spec upgrade is disappointing, especially considering it will cost the same as a Droid Incredible when it launches, but it’s sad that phones are still being released with Android 2.2. Android 2.3 has been out since Christmas. Unfortunately, to upgrade to it, HTC has to upgrade its UX, called HTC Sense, which takes quite a bit of time.

We’re also wondering what happened to the red detailing. Like a classic car, opening up the original Droid Incredible showed a fun red finish on the inside. This new device also lacks the HTC scrolling button that was on the original.