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Droid Pro coming to Verizon for $299


droid-pro-actual-screenshotMotorola can’t get enough of its Droids. The hardware manufacturer has seen a lot of success with its original Droid handset, as well as the Droid X and Droid 2–perhaps more than any of its handsets since the popular Razr line some years back. According to a screenshot posted by Droid Life, Motorola is releasing a new device called the Droid Pro on Nov. 11 for $299 with a two-year contract. This puts it at $100 more than any other Android device.

The Droid Pro is a candy bar device with a fixed keyboard, similar to a BlackBerry. Motorola hopes to attract some of the business users RIM is serving. Other business features include VPN and the ability to remotely “wipe” the device.

Would you pay $299 for a smartphone or is $199 your limit? Do you want an Android phone that better resembles a BlackBerry?

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