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Apple’s free ‘Everyone Can Create’ curriculum is now on Apple Books

Back in March, Apple held an education-focused event in Chicago where the company debuted a 9.7-inch iPad, along with educational apps for the classroom. Among these was its ‘Everyone Can Create’ curriculum — a program that provides teachers with free project guides to help boost student creativity and engagement — and it’s now officially available on Apple Books.

Teachers can use Everyone Can Create in conjunction with their already existing lesson plans regardless of the subject —  math, history, social studies, language arts, and even coding. Within each guide (all of which are available for free), teachers are provided with a series of projects that help students build upon their knowledge of the topic with the ability to incorporate drawing, music, video, and photography.

Using Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad and apps like Clips or iMovie, students can take advantage of the built-in camera to produce videos based on historical events or work with light and shadow to capture photos. With support for the Apple Pencil, students can also draw with the iPad while learning about many of the elements of art, including symmetry, shading, color, and texture. Teachers can also take advantage of GarageBand, to help teach students how to identify melodies or harmonies, and make their own music.

When it comes to core curriculum subjects like math, teachers can help students learn what can sometimes be tricky concepts like measuring a parabola. To teach that concept, the app encourages the use of the iPad camera and burst mode to capture the arc of a basketball being thrown through a hoop. With over 300 lesson ideas, teachers can choose which ones they’d like to incorporate into the classroom.

At its event, Apple also introduced its software platform known as Classkit complete with Schoolwork integration. This allows teachers to easily assign an activity within an app and then check on the status of a student’s progress. With Apple Pencil, iWork allows teachers and students to do more — like adding smart annotations and drawings when using Pages or writing in Numbers when creating lab reports.

The Everyone Can Create curriculum also isn’t the first of its kind for Apple. In 2016, the company launched Everyone Can Code which provides students (ranging from kindergarten to college) with a program focused specifically on helping teach them how to code. With teacher guides and lessons, the curriculum starts by introducing students to basic skills before allowing them to eventually build real apps on Mac.

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