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At CES, Fossil shows off smartwatches that are both useful and stylish

One of the biggest hurdles for smartwatch manufacturers early on was that its products tended to be (let’s not mince words) ugly. Consumers who prefer the timeless elegance of a proper watch may be excited to learn that fashionable watchmakers have begun to enter the smartwatch space, creating smartwatches that blend functionality with aesthetics.

Clothing retailer Fossil has been working to produce fashionable watches for the modern tech user, and Strategy Director Hannah Liu visited Digital Trends’ CES booth, showing off some new wearables for the tech user who likes to look good.

First up was the Kate Spade Scallop Android smartwatch. Kate Spade is a popular women’s fashion brand, and the Scallop is the latest example of manufacturers designing tech for women; it’s particularly notable for not following the “pink it and shrink it” approach, as one Kate Spade executive described it to DT.

The Scallop allows users to tailor the watch face to match their outfit. Simply input factors like the time of day, the color of the dress, the color of jewelry, etc, and the watch will adjust to suit your look. The Scallop was so impressive, DT awarded it the Top Tech of CES Award for Best Wearable.

For those who want a less feminine aesthetic, Liu also showed off the Skagen Falster. A Danish heritage brand, Skagen employs a minimalist style that Scandinavian fashion is known for. It’s a svelte watch, and the tech is so unobtrusive, onlookers might not even know you are wearing a smartwatch until you tell them.

While smartwatches probably won’t usurp Rolex or Grand Seiko as fashion statements, it’s nice to see that tech users can get smartwatches that won’t look ridiculous.

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