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Galaxy Watch 5 part sighting suggests better battery life

There are still plenty of unknowns about the Galaxy Watch 5 as it’s still yet to be announced, but its battery seems to have been spotted in a regulatory filing report. The battery in question appears to be a 276mAh-capacity unit, which is bigger than the 247mAh battery found in the Galaxy Watch 4.

Although the Galaxy Watch 5’s new battery, initially spotted by SamMobile, doesn’t exceed the previous device’s capacity by much, it still should improve the battery life issues that many Watch 4 users faced. Essentially, the Watch 4 wasn’t able to hold a charge for very long, tapping out at around two days, so hopefully, the new battery is able to support a longer life for the upcoming device.

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While improved life generally comes with bigger batteries, there’s no guarantee that the Watch 5 will have a longer battery life than that of the Watch 4. When it comes to batteries, it’s not always about the size, but how you use them. The Galaxy Watch 4 isn’t a particularly well-optimized device, which resulted in overheating and short battery life, so there’s still a chance that the new battery doesn’t make much of a noticeable difference in the Watch 5 if it’s not properly used.

Even if there isn’t much change between Galaxy Watch generations in terms of battery life, the fact that Samsung is investing in new battery parts seems to indicate that the company is interested in upping the ante with its batteries at some point in the future.

Seeing as the Galaxy Watch 4 is still relatively new, fans shouldn’t expect much official news about the Galaxy Watch 5 any time soon. If it follows the typical release cycle that Samsung has been using, the Watch 5 will likely be launching at some point in the third quarter of 2022, but there still isn’t any official word.