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The new Garmin Approach S62 has maps for 41,000 golf courses

Devices like the Apple Watch may be the go-to for general fitness tracking, but if you want to track specific activities, other devices are still worth considering. That’s especially true for activities like golf. And, there’s a new golf-tracking device now on the market. The Garmin Approach S62 is aimed at offering a premium golf-tracking experience that could seriously improve your game.

According to Garmin, the goal of the Approach S62 is to offer information to a golfer that no other golf-tracking device can offer. Notably, the device has Garmin’s “Virtual Caddie,” which includes detailed golf course maps for over 41,000 courses around the world.

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“The Approach S62 gives golfers access to essential golfing information like no other watch on the market with a style that goes beyond the clubhouse,” Garmin Vice President of consumer sales Dan Bartel said in a statement. “Thanks to our new built-in Virtual Caddie and detailed course maps, the Approach S62 has the power to instantly transform into a caddie that knows you and 41,000 courses worldwide.”

For example, the watch can help show a golfer exactly where they should be aiming, in case they’re stranded with a blind shot. It can even give information about hills on the course, distance to each hole, and more.

Of course, as a tracking device, the watch can also offer information to help golfers improve their swing. The device can track the intensity of a golfer’s workout. The device has a Pulse Ox sensor built right into it to track blood oxygen saturation levels and a heart rate monitor.

The information on the device gets even more in-depth when you pair the watch with the Garmin Golf app, which can calculate information on a golfer’s stats and send much of that information from the watch. Those stats can include handicap information, hit/miss percentages, and green in regulation percentage. You’ll also get analysis for strokes gained, and you’ll be able to participate in leaderboards and tournaments with players around the world.

The Garmin Approach S62 can even act like a normal smartwatch. It can deliver notifications for emails, text messages, and more, and it has a 20-hour battery life in GPS mode, or up to a whopping 14 days in smartwatch mode.

The Garmin Approach S62 is now available for $500 from the Garmin website.

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