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Genius Pack Supercharged will power up your phone and tablet simultaneously

Genius Pack Supercharged Carry On

Tired of searching for an airport power outlet on a layover? The Genius Pack Supercharged will charge your gadgets for you. The carry-on bag uses dual USB ports and a battery pack with enough juice to recharge a smartphone four times.

The rolling luggage uses a removable 10,000mAh power pack (lithium-ion batteries cannot be part of checked baggage) and Transportation Security Administration-compliant combination locks. The bag uses a new all-in-one cable that recharges the battery as well as charging smartphones from the same cord.

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The bag rolls on eight wheels with a 360-degree spin. On the inside, a garment hook allows for accommodating hanging clothes, while the carry-on also includes divided compartments, including a laundry compartment. A packing list is also sewn into the interior. 

“This product is a result of customer data. We spent eight months analyzing tons of feedback from real travelers using our products across the globe to create our best product yet,” Genius Pack CEO Alfred Chehebar said in a statement. “It’s clear travelers are interested in charging capabilities, but they’re not satisfied with how luggage brands have delivered thus far.”

The Supercharged is based on the company’s earlier Aerial Carry On and expanded based on customer feedback. The bag uses a 100 percent polycarbonate exterior shell with an aluminum telescoping handle. Unloaded, the bag weighs 6.8 pounds.

“Our approach from day one was to slowly capture market share by designing and developing quality products and constantly revisiting the drawing board to enhance,” Chehebar said. “So much about travel has changed in the past 10 years, but very little has changed in the gear we use. We’re seeing less people wanting to check bags, and many still remain unhappy with their carry-on.”

Genius Pack, a company founded in 2013 and based in New York, took to Kickstarter to launch the new bag. The campaign raised $467,290 and is expected to start shipping in May. While you can no longer back the crowdfunding campaign, you can still pre-order the Genius Pack for $239 on the Kickstarter page and you’re also able to get $40 off by using the code listed there. The Genius Pack Supercharged Carry On is available in rose gold, jet black, and matte white.

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