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Google now lets you call people directly through the Gmail app

Google has had a long history of making and giving up on chat apps — see the infamous Killed by Google Twitter account for more details on the many victims. Now, the company seems to be trying again by adding voice and video calls to Gmail, one of its most popular apps. After integrating Google Meet, Google now gives you the capability to place voice and video calls via the Gmail app, and it will let you switch between chat to a video or audio call when needed.

Google has announced that you can now join meetings and audio calls in Google Chat within the Gmail app on Android and iOS. As of now, the feature is available for one-on-one chats, so a person can only connect with a single person at a time. Google aims to make it easier for office workers to connect with colleagues in the hybrid work world.

Showcasing the new Gmail options for Mail, Chat, Rooms and Meet.

You will now have four menu shortcuts at the bottom of your Gmail app, namely Mail, Chat, Rooms, and Meet. You can select the phone or video icon in the top-right corner of a one-to-one chat to ring someone directly. To join a call, select the phone or video chip within the one-to-one chat. The app will display a banner of the person you’re on a call with and missed calls will be indicated with a red phone or video icon within the conversation and the chat roster.

Google has started rolling out the new update for the Gmail app for Android and iOS. It could take up to 15 days before it appears on your device.

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