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How to customize a Samsung phone’s notification sounds

Whether you're the proud owner of the Galaxy S22 Ultra or have a midrange Galaxy A53 as your daily driver, you probably get notifications from a lot of different apps and pop-up alerts about messages, emails, replies, and much more. If you like the idea of getting specific notifications but are getting annoyed at the sounds your Samsung phone is making, there is a way to change them.




10 minutes

What You Need

  • Samsung phone

We’ll show you exactly what you need to do to change that notification sound and select specific notification sounds for certain apps so you only hear what you want to.

Galaxy S22 Ultra app screen.
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How to change all your notifications to a new sound

This option is perfect if you don’t want different sounds but prefer that your Samsung phone makes a more pleasant noise every time. With these steps, you can have all the notifications for all apps make the same sound of your choice.

Step 1: From your Samsung phone home screen, swipe down to access your Quick settings.

Step 2: Select the Settings option with the gear-like icon.

Step 3: In the Settings menu, select Sounds and vibration.

Step 4: Select Notification sounds in the next menu.

You’ll now see a list of potential notification sounds that you can set. Select one, and all your notifications will start making this sound.

How to set a customized notification for an individual app

General notification noises are fine, but if you're juggling personal WhatsApp notifications and Slack notifications from your team at work, you probably want to have different notification sounds so you can tell which app is sending an alert. If you don’t like the native sound that the app makes on its own, you can usually change notifications for each individual app to get the exact sounds that you want. Here’s what to do.

Step 1: Once again, start by swiping down to open up your Quick settings menu, and choose the gear-like Settings icon.

Step 2: This time, scroll down until you reach Apps, and select it.

Step 3: Your downloaded apps will appear in alphabetical order. Select any app to start with.

Step 4: Go to App settings section and select the Notifications option.

Step 5: Here, you can choose to enable or disable notifications for this app. This is a great way to make sure only certain apps make sounds on your Samsung phone. If this is one of the apps you want making noise, Show notifications should be turned on.

Now, while this part can vary a little based on your Samsung phone, you should be able to select Notification categories here (on some older Galaxy phones, you'll need to select Miscellaneous instead). Then, select which type of notification you'd like to change the sound for, such as Message notifications.

Step 6: In the next window, select Sound. You will again bring up the list of potential notification sounds, where you can pick whichever sound you want to enable.

This window is also a great option if you want alerts but prefer them not to make noise — for example, they can vibrate or blink a light instead. You can also choose whether or not you want to see notifications on your lock screen. It’s a great settings option for broad customization, so you may want to visit it for each active app you use.

How to add new notification sounds to your Samsung phone

Custom notification sounds aren’t as easy to set up as custom ringtones, but it is possible if you are willing to take some extra steps.

Step 1: Download the sound file you want to use as your notification sound.

The file will probably download automatically to the Music folder, so you’ll want to head to the My files app, then select Audio > Music and find your sound file.

Long-press on the file and then select Copy.

Step 2: Go back to the My file home screen and select Internal storage.

Step 3: Scroll down and select Notifications. Once in the Notifications folder, choose to Copy here.

Step 4: Now, when you go to Settings and look at options to change your notification sound, you should see the name of your desired sound file appear on the list, allowing you to choose it and make it your customized sound.

Step 5: Alternatively, you could use a third-party app such as Zedge to add new sounds to your phone and easily assign them as notification sounds.

How to remove custom notifications on a Samsung phone

Bored of the new custom notifications on your Samsung phone? No worries — it's easy to remove them. Just follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Notifications.

Notifications option on a Samsung phone.

Step 2: You'll see the list of apps on your Samsung phone, presented in alphabetical order. Select the app that you want to remove the notifications from.

Step 3: Turn off notifications completely by toggling the option off.

Toggle notifications off on Samsung phone.

Step 4: If you still want alerts but don't want any sound, put it on vibrate by turning the Vibrate toggle on.

Step 5: If you want to switch to the default notification sound, open the notification sound option and select the Default notification sound option. This should appear at the top of the sounds list.

Default notification sound option on Samsung phone.

Step 6: Your notification will now be reset to the default sound. You can do this for each app to make sure your phone is making exactly the kind of sound that you desire.

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