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HP smartwatch is light on features, but looks like a normal watch

Opting for a focus on classic design rather than a futuristic touchscreen, HP is debuting a new smartwatch that’s been designed by American fashion designer Michael Bastian. Called the MB Chronowing, the smartwatch is very similar to classic chronometer designs that consumers see in popular watch brands like Nautica, Tag Heuer or Gucci. Interestingly, the face of the stainless steel watch is actually a black and white LED. In the upper left corner, Bastian has designated an area for a digital clock dial to display the time.

The remainder of the screen is used for displaying the date as well as notifications for recently received text messages, emails and calendar notifications. By default, the watch displays the current weather on the bottom left side as well as the current temperature.

The watch display can also be used to show real time events like current stock prices as well as scores on sporting events. One of the sporting event examples displays the score of a Red Sox / Yankees game along with the current inning. In addition, text previews of notifications appear on the watch display, ideal for calendar event reminders as well as short text messages.


On the right side of the watch, the user will find three buttons that handle functions like activating the backlit screen, controlling music functions and flipping through the watch’s menus. The watch also includes a battery level indicator on the main display next to the three buttons.

According to the specifications of the MB Chronowing, the battery will last approximately one week before requiring a recharge. The watch is also water resistant up to 50 meters and will automatically adjust the time when entering a new time zone. Regarding compatibility, the MB Chronowing will work with the iPhone 4S and higher as well as any Android smartphone with version 4.3 and higher of the OS.

Interestingly, the watch is more expensive than many smartwatch alternatives. Only sold on luxury site Gilt this holiday season, the MB Chronowing will be available for $349 with the option of a leather, nylon or rubber strap. An additional all-black model with alligator strap and sapphire-glass crystal display will be available for $649.

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