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Hey, look! HTC’s designer looks just like Apple’s Jony Ive

HTC Daniel Hundt

HTC has released a new video on YouTube showing just how intricately it designed its new One phone. It’s cut using diamonds and built with precision. The video reminds us of one Apple showed for its iPhone 5, and we couldn’t help but notice one other similarity. HTC’s Creative Director Daniel Hundt is a dead ringer for Apple’s lead creative designer, Jony Ive. He’s a little younger, and from his accent hails from a different part of Europe, but he’s got all the fixings of an Apple designer, from the shaved head to the plain black t-shirt. HTC has even one-upped Apple by hiring a guy with better specs. Everyone likes a man with glasses.

Apple's Jony IveWhile we’re by no means implying that copying the look of Jony Ive when hiring a designer will make for better phones, it might be working for the Taiwanese company. The HTC One is, almost undoubtedly, the best looking phone on the market right now, and it’s partly because it, like its designer, looks a little Apple-ey.

As we learn from this video, HTC uses an “electrochemical etching process” to create a “nanomatrix structure” to create the thin, beautiful design of the One. We like the phone, though we’re doubtful it will be a big success.

Below is HTC’s video, and under that, we’ve included the video Apple showed when it debuted the iPhone 5. While skeptics may rightly point out that Jony Ive wears a gray v-neck t-shirt in this video, we think you get the general idea.

HTC One design video

iPhone 5 design video

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