Rumor: HTC One Max may launch on October 15

htc one mini macro rear angle

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Where is the HTC One Max? We’ve been hearing about it for several months, and have seen more than enough pictures of the device to convince us of its existence. But it didn’t arrive at the IFA tech show at the beginning of September, as was rumored for a while, so presuming it is still coming, how much longer must we wait? According to a message posted on the Chinese social network Sina Weibo, HTC may be considering an announcement on October 15, although whether this will be via a press release or in a flashy launch event isn’t clear.

HTC’s relatively late to the massive smartphone game, and the One Max has some stiff competition, as it must contend with the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the Sony Xperia Z1. If the October 15 date is correct, it’ll be just a few days before that other newcomer to the market, Nokia, potentially reveals the Lumia 1520. If you like a big screen phone, then you’re going to be spoilt for choice by the end of the year.

HTC’s effort could be bringing something a bit different to the table, as pictures and leaks have indicated it may have a rear mounted fingerprint scanner. Exactly what functions it will perform aren’t known, but we’d imagine it’ll do something similar to Apple’s integration of the tech into the iPhone 5S. Otherwise, the rumored specification of the phone consists of a a 5.9-inch screen (or thereabouts, opinion is split at the moment), an UltraPixel camera, and a quad-core processor. The chip in question could be a Snapdragon 800, but there has been talk of the One Max being driven by a Snapdragon 600 too.

All these questions and more will be answered, hopefully, on October 15.