Invoxia’s stylish desktop phone puts your mobile device to work

invoxia nvx 220 desktop phone nvx220

If you really must have a desktop phone taking up much-needed space in your office or at home, it may as well be Invoxia’s elegant-looking but not-so-elegantly-named NVX 220 device, which debuts this week at CES.

Great for those who like to hold a handset between their cheek and shoulder while busily searching a desk drawer for an important document, the NVX 220 merges fixed line and mobile technology resulting in a stylish IP desktop solution that allows you to make calls through your iOS or Android mobile device – including both smartphones and tablets.

Invoxia’s new machine incorporates a smartphone dock and works via the company’s companion app to allow you to dial out via your mobile handset and receive calls through its desktop-based device.

Besides synchronizing your business and personal contact lists (fixed line, mobile, and Skype), the NVX 220 also keeps your mobile juiced up, ensuring a fully charged battery every time you leave your desk.

NVX220 white

France-based Invoxia always goes for simplicity with its line of desk-based office phones, stripping away all the usual bits and buttons found on traditional office machines and instead using a smartphone or tablet as the main user interface.

Of course, it means your mobile device becomes rather less mobile, but you can always whip it out of the dock if you feel like pacing up and down the room during a particularly tense business call. It could also appeal to those uncomfortable about keeping a mobile phone pressed to their ear for long periods of time, though of course the jury is still out on whether handsets cause harm to extreme users.

As for pricing, Invoxia’s new offering will set you back $350 (€266), and starts shipping worldwide some time this quarter.