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Is Microsoft working on its own version of Google Glass? Source says ‘Yes’

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There has been a great deal of hype around Google Glass, the cutting edge social device that has tech enthusiasts salivating more than a hungry wolf eying its prey. Especially as Google announces the lucky ones that get to give the contraption a first go.

But watch out Google! Microsoft, which has been working tirelessly to stay as relevant as possible, is now working on its own variation of the interactive eyewear, according to Apple Insider. And if the source, analyst Brian White, is right, we could see this competitive version hit the market as soon as the first half of next year.

Other than that, White offers no additional details as to what these glasses might look like, what their functionality may be, or the potential cost (though it’s likely too early for even Microsoft to have decided).

White says that Google Glass will be the first major electronics company to give wearable gadgets – which haven’t really advanced that much in recent years – a boost in a big way. But it certainly isn’t going to be the only one. Apple is rumored to be developing a smartwatch and Samsung recently confirmed one is in the works. Now it seems that Microsoft is throwing its hat into the ring.

Speaking of ring, White also said that, while on a tour of Asia with some of Apple’s supply chain members, he learned that the company may be working on developing its own TV… not just the Apple TV that currently exists, but a real deal television (not that we haven’t heard that rumor before). To boot, he spoke of a ring that users could wear as a means to gesture control the device.

But back to Microsoft: we’re really eager for details about this supposed project to leak, and you know we’ll be (not-so-) patiently waiting to spill the beans to all of you as soon as we learn more. Stay tuned…

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