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John Legere hype train has left the station and is headed toward overage annihilation

john legere hype train has left the station and is headed towards overage annihilation t mobile
T-Mobile stopped charging customers for overages last year, but John Legere was hoping that move would force other carriers to follow suit. Overages are the charges that carriers bill when you go over your limits for data, calls, and minutes.

In a blog post this morning, Legere announced that 250,000 people have signed his petition to end overages, which makes it the #1 technology petition on the site. Unfortunately, other carriers continue to do business as usual, but Legere isn’t giving up.

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Legere plans on making good on his promise to send a message to the other carriers that can’t be ignored if the petition reached 250,000 signatures. In typical Legere fashion, he is looking to hype this up a little by asking everyone to vote on how he actually does it.

All you have to do is tweet the hashtag of your favorite from the list below over the next week. Legere said, “I’ll take the winning idea, tie it up with a bow and take it straight to the carriers — (don’t worry, we’ll make sure to tell you when & where — and get plenty of photos!).”

Here are your choices:

Skyline Takeover – #tmobileskyline – T-Mobile will take over a skyline in AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint’s home market and hang a massive copy of the petition with the names of all 250,000+ people that signed it on the building.

Skywriting – #tmobileskywriting – A plane will fly over the headquarters of either AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint with a message yet to be determined. T-Mobile will of course get the whole thing on video, and it’s more than likely that Legere will be in the plane as well.

Overage Counter – #tmobileoveragecounter —  This one seems like the most interesting one. T-Mobile will build a live counter and put it in the middle of either AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint’s home market. It will display a running tally of how much America has spent in overages.

I’m all for overages being abolished, but it’s interesting that Legere is pushing so hard for this. While the marketing aspect is obvious, T-Mobile would in fact lose a competitive edge if the other carriers were to follow suit. I’m sure Legere has a few more tricks up his sleeve if that were to happen though.

Which one are you voting for? Let us know in the comments.

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