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LG's 360 Cam and 360 VR headset are available for pre-order at $200 each

While the G5 was the star of LG’s Mobile World Congress event this morning, the company had a few notable “Friends” to show off as well. These “Friends” are accessories to enhance your G5 in ways that we couldn’t imagine a few years ago. Two notable accessories are the 360 Cam and 360 VR, and they’re now available for pre-order.

Updated on 03-23-16 by Julian Chokkattu: Added in pre-order prices and information for the 360 Cam and the 360 VR. 

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360 Cam

If you’re ready to start creating virtual reality content, the 360 Cam has been listed on B&H for pre-order, for a pricey $200.

This standalone camera captures photos and videos in 360-degrees. It’s equipped with two 13-megapixel cameras, each 200-degrees, allowing you to capture 180-degree or 360 degree photos and videos at 2K. It can record 5.1 surround sound via the three microphones and it’s rather compact at only 30 x 97 x 25mm, weighing only 72 grams.

You can quickly take a photo with a short press on the shutter button or a video with a long press. You will also be able to adjust the shutter speed, ISO, White Balance, and more.

The 360 Cam has 4GB of internal storage, but the included MicroSD slot offers additional storage. The 1,200mAh battery will provide up to 70 minutes of recording, which can be charged via the USB Type-C port. A tripod mount is also included.

Photos and videos can be downloaded via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. These photos and videos can be shared easily so anyone can view them. For example, videos can be uploaded to YouTube and Google Street View.

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You’ll be able to set up the 360 Cam via the LG G5’s Friends Manager and 360 Cam apps. LG didn’t specify if apps will be made available in Google Play so that owners of other Android phones will be able to get in on the action. We certainly hope so.

360 VR

Trying to compete with Samsung’s Gear VR, LG’s 360 VR will be priced at $200, same as the 360 Cam, and is already up for pre-order on B&H.

This virtual reality headset differentiates itself from the likes of Google Cardboard and the Samsung Gear VR in that the phone is not placed into it as its display. However, the phone is still required as it connects to the G5 via USB Type-C.

It has a two built-in 1.88-inch IPS displays with a resolution of 970 x 720 pixels each. That equates to a combined 639 pixels per inch, which is greater than your typical 5-inch QHD displays sporting 587 pixels per inch. It weights only 117 grams and has a frame similar to eye glasses so you don’t have to hold it up with your hand. It also has a built-in headphone jack or you can use a Bluetooth headset connected to your G5.

It can view photos and videos captured from the 360 Cam, but it’s also compatible with Google Cardboard content as well.

LG didn’t specify any pricing or release date for either the 360 Cam or the 360 VR, but we’re very excited to get some hands on time with both.

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