It’s possible to buy the Galaxy S7 and LG G5 right now, if you dare

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Samsung Galaxy S6
The LG G5 and Samsung Galaxy S7 are sure to be close to the top of any smartphone fan’s 2016 shopping list, but as neither have been officially announced yet, it’s impossible to actually buy one at this time. Or is it? If you happen to be browsing the Dubizzle website — that’s a wonderfully named Craigslist-alke site in Dubai — someone is selling both these devices right now.

It’s not a few lines of text from a hopeful seller promising future delivery of these highly anticipated phones either. The ads have pictures of both phones, and state they’re brand new in the original packaging. Both the ads appear to be placed by the same seller, and state you’ll get the phone, “before commercial launch,” and that the devices will be, “imported from the USA.”

There are no specification details on either phone, and none of the images are the best possible quality, but the devices do seem to correspond with recent rumors. The LG G5 appears to have a metal body — or at least a metal-look plastic shell — plus a pair of camera lenses on the back, with a flash unit and what may be LG’s laser-autofocus system. Below this is a circular fingerprint sensor.

What’s interesting is the break in the body at the bottom of the device, and what looks like a button on the right side of the phone. Could this be the accessory drawer that has been rumored for the G5? After all, that button is in an unusual position, and may be used to release the tray. Alternatively, the break may be for antenna performance.

The phone said to be the Galaxy S7 is in black, and looks very much like the Galaxy S6, right down to the camera lens bump on the rear panel, and the flash unit with the heart rate sensor next to it. The ad also says the Galaxy S7 Edge is available, but the device isn’t pictured.

If you’re already pulling out your wallet, you’ll need to find $680 for the LG G5 or a massive $1,455 for the Galaxy S7. The S7 Edge is even more, priced at the equivalent of $1,220. That’s a serious amount of money, and a massive risk to take on anonymous adverts placed on a classified ad website.

Are the pictured phones the real thing? It’s impossible to say, but with the official launch of both devices only days away, it won’t be long until we find out.

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