LG unveils luxury Jil Sander Windows Phone 7.5 handset


If you’re big into European fashion, you may want to take a look at LG’s new Windows Phone, which hits shelves today. The WP 7.5 handset is being called the Jil Sander E906 handset, and will come with a Jil Sander app that will contain all sorts of designs from the German fashion designer.

The phone has a 1GHz processor, 3.8-inch WVGA touchscreen, 5MP camera capable of 720p video recording, and lovely blue highlights. We don’t know its official price, but it hits shelves in Germany, Austria, Italy, France, and the United Kingdom today. For a better look at the phone, check out the video below, which runs through some features of Windows Phone and the Jil Sanders app. 

Would you buy a designer phone? It doesn’t look particularly luxurious to us, though the 7.5 Mango interface is nice.