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LifeProof Case protects your iPhone 4 from pretty much everything

Toting around your mobile appendage at all times has its hazards — water, dirt, grime, weather elements, and falls, you name it. For many of you, we know that mobile appendage is the oh-so-handy iPhone 4. While it has countless excellent qualities, sturdiness through all of life’s situations is not one of them. The LifeProof Case ($70 pre-order) aims to change that by making your iPhone 4 as invincible as possible, including (claimed) protection from water, weather, snow, dirt, dust, grime, bumps, and falls. The slim and cleanly-designed case offers total phone functionality while only adding 1.5mm to the iPhone 4’s thin profile. The case is designed to military specifications of waterproofing and shock resistance and can survive under water to two meters. If you’ve been dying to take your iPhone underwater, you can also purchase the waterproof headphone adapter that will soon be available. Now we can all take our phones everywhere…even the shower. Whether that is progress or descent into insanity we’re not sure.

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