Microsoft teases the arrival of its first Lumia phone on November 11 in new video (Updated)

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Microsoft will reveal its first Lumia smartphone on November 11, according to a short post made on the official Lumia Conversations blog. The phone is almost certainly going to have the Microsoft name emblazoned over it, rather than the Nokia branding with which we’ve been more familiar.

The post gives nothing away about the phone in question. It asks if we “want to see #morelumia,” and tells us to come back next week to find out more. A teaser on the company’s Facebook page includes the line “Big on experiences,” suggesting whatever will be announced could have a large display, or another camera with a high megapixel count.

Updated on 11-10-2014 by Andy Boxall: Added in a Microsoft teaser video for the November 11 event

Microsoft has uploaded a teaser video to YouTube, which shows a mysterious box being opened, and the contents examined. Except we don’t get to see what’s inside, keeping the secret of what the company will reveal on November 11 safe. It provides many more questions than answers, and does suggest we’ll see a new phone along with an accessory launched on the day.

A tweet from the official Lumia account with the hashtag #makeithappen could be related to the event. It poses the question “My shape is round and my advice is sound! Who am I?” This could refer to Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual personal assistant, which is symbolized by a circle. We want this to mean a Lumia smartwatch is coming our way, complete with Cortana integration, but this could just be wishful thinking. We’ll find out more very soon.

Microsoft’s Lumia rebranding has begun

Since Microsoft took over Nokia’s Devices division, we’ve been waiting for a new 41-megapixel PureView camera equipped Lumia phone to replace the aging Lumia 1020. While there is a chance this is what Microsoft has in store for us on November 11, we can’t help but think it would be pushing the event harder if it does.

The confirmation of an incoming Microsoft Lumia phone comes soon after the re-branding of Nokia’s social media presence began in earnest. While the Facebook page is still under Nokia’s name, its Twitter account has been altered to @Lumia, complete with a Microsoft Lumia profile image. At the end of October, Microsoft revealed the new Microsoft Lumia name, along with a picture of a Lumia phone with Microsoft’s name where Nokia’s once was.

Once the social media sites have been updated, and the first new phone revealed, Microsoft will continue removing the Nokia name from packaging, marketing materials, and from point of sale inside retail stores.

If you’re excited about the first Microsoft Lumia phone, we’ll tell you everything you need to know on November 11.

Article originally published on 11-07-2014