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This MagSafe iPhone rig aims to give your videos a more pro look

Seattle-based Moment has been making carefully designed smartphone accessories for nearly a decade.

Our NEW iPhone Filmmaking Cage!

Its latest offering is a filmmaking device that makes use of the MagSafe system found on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, though if your smartphone doesn’t have it, you can add a magnet using Moment’s $10 MagSafe stick-on adapter.

Aimed primarily at filmmakers, vloggers, and enthusiastic home-video hobbyists, Moment’s new Mobile Filmmaker Cage lets you mount not only your phone but also a bunch of accessories such as microphones, lights, and handles, enabling you to remove annoying clutter from directly around your handset. The cage’s cable management slots also help you to keep your wires tidy and out of the way of the lens.

More importantly, the Mobile Filmmaker Cage lets you get more creative with camera angles as holding the cage instead of the phone offers more freedom and versatility. Gripping the cage also offers more security and peace of mind — particularly when you’re on the move — as holding only the handset can be a bit tricky in certain positions.

To get started with the Mobile Filmmaker Cage, simply lock your smartphone to the center of the device using Moment’s proprietary (M)Force magnet array. You can then add accessories to any of the many mounts designed as part of the cage.

A nice touch is the cage’s ability to stand on a flat surface without a tripod, though before you walk away be sure that it’s properly balanced if you’ve attached any bulky accessories.

If you’re someone who enjoys shooting video on your phone and you already use various gadgets to enhance your footage, Moment’s new cage could certainly be a useful addition to your filmmaking kit.

Moment’s Mobile Filmmaker Cage comprises aluminum and rubber and weighs 0.6 pounds (270 grams). The device costs $99 from Moment’s online store.

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