Metro PCS launches first 4g LTE network


MetroPCS has become the nation’s first 4G LTE carrier and released the world’s first LTE phone, the Samsung Craft. It is the first commercially available LTE network in the U.S., as reported by PC Magazine.

LTE is next-generation wireless technology for cell phone carriers. All the major carriers will be switching to over the next few years since it will offer more speed, more capacity and more flexibility.

MetroPCS plans to offer service for a mere $55-60 per month, without a contract. The company is rolling LTE service out first in Las Vegas on the Samsung Craft, with full coverage across its network by the end of the year. The Samsung Craft is $299, making this a very reasonable, cutting-edge option for one of the smaller US carriers to offer.

The Craft comes with a built-in 3.2 megapixel camera with flash and camcorder. Additionally, the Craft includes a 2GB microSD card. The handset’s feature set is completed by a music player, Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth and microSD memory storage up to 32GB.

Metro’s initial 4G offering looks similar to 3G. The Samsung Craft be able to surf the Web, streams TV programs, and downloads music at 3G-like speeds. This is all new for MetroPCS, which never offered 3G, and it brings it up to par with the 3G services on other carriers.

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