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MetroPCS customers: You can now use 4G LTE in Canada and Mexico

Mike Mozart/Flickr
After bringing Binge On- and Music Freedom-variants for MetroPCS in November, T-Mobile is porting another one of its “uncarrier” features.

If you’re on MetroPCS, you can now get unlimited mobile-to-mobile and landline calling and texting to Canada and Mexico, and most other countries worldwide, while in the U.S. When you’re in those respective countries, you’ll also be able to grab and use 4G LTE data from your existing data plan, and enjoy unlimited calling and texting to anywhere in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada.

The plan, called North America Unlimited, will cost $5 and will be added to your existing phone bill. If you already have MetroPCS’ Mexico Unlimited plan, it’ll be changed to the new one automatically and for free. Do note that to use the plan, you’ll need to have a base rate plan of $40 or higher, and you can add it online, via phone support or at any MetroPCS location.

North America Unlimited resembles T-Mobile’s Mobile Without Borders plan, which also brought unlimited texting, calling, and the ability to use your 4G LTE data in Canada and Mexico. T-Mobile has been bringing some of its flagship features like Binge On and Music Freedom, services that let you stream music and video (through qualifying apps) without using up your data. It’s nice to see the carrier offering the same deals to its MetroPCS customers, albeit under different branding. Data Maximizer, MetroPCS’ Binge On variant, isn’t exactly the same as it doesn’t offer unlimited video streaming. Rather, it allows your videos to stream at DVD-like quality for longer.

North America Unlimited is available to add to your existing plan now.

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