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Here’s what a photo from a 200MP smartphone camera looks like

There’s been plenty of speculation about the Motorola X30 Pro as of late, and a new photo confirms that the upcoming smartphone’s camera is as impressive as Motorola has been making it sound.

The X30 Pro, also known as the Edge 30 Ultra, is equipped with a 200-megapixel camera on its rear, making it one of the most impressive photography-focused smartphones in the industry. While Motorola has talked a big game about the quality of the pictures we can expect the X30 to produce, a new photo means we’re finally seeing them with our own eyes.

Sample image from the Motorola X30 Pro showcasing a bouquet of flowers inside baby blue paper.

Posted to the Chinese blogging site Weibo, General Manager of Motorola China, Chen Jin, showed off a single image taken with the 200MP camera. Even with the knowledge that the photo was compressed to go up on the website, it’s still a staggeringly good-looking shot. The picture is of a bouquet of flowers, so you’re able to zoom in and see a lot of the minute details of the plants.

Although this is just a singular image, and we’ve yet to see the X30 officially in action, the photograph is a nice snapshot look into what can be expected of the X30 Pro’s camera when it launches later this month. With how important the camera lenses on phones have become over the last several years, it’s exciting to see a device that’s doubling down on quality and making photography the main focus.

Sample image from the Motorola X30 Pro showcasing a bouquet of flowers inside baby blue paper.

While photographers should certainly be excited about the X30 Pro, there’s still one concern when it comes to storage. The image posted to Weibo is over 13MB,  which means that (hopefully) the X30 Pro will have some large internal storage options. Otherwise, it’ll get full quickly. This is always a concern when it comes to photography-focused devices, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that Motorola is able to provide solid storage options here.

There’s still no official word on when we can expect the smartphone to launch. However, based on previous leaks, it seems as if it’ll be for sale later this month in China and coming to the West in mid to late August. If that’s the case, then expect to see more image samples from the X30 Pro within the next few weeks. Hopefully, future samples won’t be limited by compression so that we can see exactly what Motorola has up its sleeves.

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