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The Nanocase uses graphene to make your iPhone’s battery last longer

1314592 autosave v1 nano case iphone x back
Put this case on, and you’ll get better battery life from your iPhone. How’s that for a benefit? There’s also no extra battery involved, no massive bulky pack to carry around, and actually no need to change anything about your device at all. It’s called the Nanocase and it’s very unusual. It is the world’s first to use graphene — a material with many benefits, one being the ability to conduct heat 10 times more efficiently than copper, which improves heat dissipation, and therefore extends battery life by up to 20 percent.

That’s right, the graphene panel inside the case helps your phone work at its optimum temperature, rather than getting all hot and bothered under tough conditions. Temperature fluctuations affect battery life, therefore getting rid of any excess heat inside the phone quickly will help it work more efficiently, and last longer. That’s what the Nanocase does.

Because it doesn’t physically do anything to the battery inside your phone, the benefits apparently come when you work your phone hard, due to its ability to get heat out faster than other cases can. If your phone doesn’t get hot, it is unlikely to make much difference to the battery life, as it’s already working properly. However, if you’re a hardcore mobile gamer, shoot a lot of video, or do other power-intensive tasks with your phone inside a restrictive case, the Nanocase could help squeeze more out of the battery. Who doesn’t want that?

Work it hard

Does it work? It’s hard to say. We’ve been using the Nanocase on an Apple iPhone X for a week or so, and haven’t spotted any change under normal use. We’d noted battery percentages at the end of the day, and compared them to our usual case of choice, and neither stood out as good or bad. However, if you push your phone hard, you may see differences more readily.

The iPhone X has generally decent battery life, and doesn’t get that hot either; but we’re happy to keep the case on should the situation arise when it has the chance to work its magic. A reason for this is the Nanocase’s style. It’s covered in a pleasant soft touch material, is very slim and light, and has a sleek minimalist style.

If the battery benefits appeal, just don’t expect much drop protection, as the case is form fitting and thin, and doesn’t even extend over the edge of the screen. Graphene as a material may be strong, but this isn’t a rugged case that will protect your phone from damage in the event of a fall. The Nanocase will be available in the United States in the near future, but is currently sold in the United Kingdom for a reasonable 30 British pounds through Amazon, It’s available for the iPhone X, the iPhone 7, the iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 Plus.

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