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It looks like a luggage tag, but Native Union’s Tag Cable has a handy secret

You need to charge your phone, and the majority of the time that involves attaching a cable. Fine when you’re at home, but less so when you’re out and about. But why make do with a ratty, tangled lead stuffed in the bottom of your bag, or worse, lamenting the fact you left it on the kitchen table at home, when you can have Native Union’s Tag Cable? Cleverly, it looks like a luggage tag on your bag, attaches in a similar way, and features a full size USB connector and a Lightning connector for your iPhone or iPad.

The two connectors are joined together by a braided nylon cable that will withstand far more abuse than the notoriously weak Apple cables, even when exposed to the elements on the outside of a bag. To protect the ends, they slip inside an Italian leather sleeve — apparently called a clochette, according to Native Union — that has the company’s brand subtly printed on it. The leather is soft, supple, and the design hand-finished, plus there’s a leather slider to stop the cable slipping through the cover.

It’s easy to attach to any handy anchor point on a bag — we chose the metal link between the strap and the bag itself — and all it takes is a simple loop to keep it in place. It doesn’t weigh anything, so you don’t notice it’s there, and because it comes in either black or tan leather, there’s a good chance it’ll match or easily blend in with the bag’s color scheme. The unisex design makes it suitable for everyone.

In a very stylish way, it solves the problem of remembering to carry a charging cord around with you, and is the latest in a line of smart, fashionable tech accessories with a strong luxury twist from Native Union. The Tag Cable costs $50 or £40 in the U.K., and is available directly from the company now.

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