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Nintendo’s first social networking experiment seems to be an early success

Seeing how Nintendo’s Miitomo represents the company’s first entry in the mobile application market, people are likely interested in how the app is performing. Well, it’s been almost two weeks since Miitomo’s release, and based on early numbers, the app seems to be doing just fine, according to SurveyMonkey.

According to the survey website, Miitomo has been downloaded 2.6 million times between iOS and Android since last week, though the majority of downloads come from iOS users. In other words, Miitomo has been downloaded an average of 370,000 downloads per day. The app being front and center in the mobile operating systems’ respective app stores definitely had a role to play in the number of downloads, based on the report. The millions of downloads afforded Miitomo more than 4 million monthly active users and more than 1 million daily active users. That former figure almost matches New Zealand’s population, which currently stands at 4.5 million people.

However, it’s not the number of people who have downloaded Miitomo that will define its success, but how engaged they are with the app. With that context, the average Miitomo user logging in two to three times each day and spending seven to eight minutes in the app. In addition, Miitomo makes $280,000 each week, with a $40,000 per day split between iOS and Android. Much like with the number of downloads, however, the majority of that money comes from iOS.

In short, not only are people downloading Miitomo, but they’re engaged with the app too. However, it’ll be just as interesting to see how the app performs moving forward, in terms of downloads, revenue, and, most importantly, engagement. We have questions regarding the latter, specifically about whether Miitomo’s fun factor is enough to carry the app in the long run. Only time will tell, but for what it’s worth, the app seems to be off to a great start.

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