Official CyanogenMod app pulled from Google Play Store

official cyanogenmod app pulled google play store

Cyanogen’s alternative Android OS installer has been yanked from the Google Play Store for violating its terms of service. The app, which streamlines the process of getting the CyanogenMod variation of Android on your device, was live for three weeks before being pulled.

Cyanogen took the app down voluntarily after being told by Google it would otherwise be forcibly removed. According to Cyanogen, Google has stated that the app “encourages users to void their warranty” by installing an alternative operating system. CyanogenMod offers a greater level of customization and more theming options than the standard stock release of Android, and the official app helps users prepare for the installation.

Once set up, the Android app launches a simple step-by-step wizard that points users towards a couple of settings on their Android device that need to be activated in order for the new OS to run. No rooting is required. The installation of CyanogenMod itself is carried out through a Windows application and a USB cable.

In a blog post, the CyanogenMod team said that it had “seen hundreds of thousands of installations of the application, proving the demand for more choice.” The app can still be sideloaded onto Android devices if you want to give CyanogenMod a go — full details can be found on the CyanogenMod site. The tool has also been submitted to the Amazon and Samsung app stores.

The Next Web points out that CyanogenMod most likely ran into trouble because the changes it makes to devices cannot be easily reversed. Until CyanogenMod includes an ‘undo’ feature, users will have to be content with the original, less convenient methods for switching their operating system.