Not-so-Mini version of the Oppo N1 rumored, complete with rotating camera module

Oppo N1 hands on camera back macro

A new rumor suggests Oppo is working on a smaller version of the interesting N1 smartphone, and while the leaked specs certainly indicate the new model won’t be as large, it’s not exactly small either. Apparently, the shrunken N1 will have a 5-inch display, which means Oppo will have shaved 0.9-inches off the full-size N1.

This trend for making not-very-mini mini phones continues after LG announced the G2 Mini at Mobile World Congress, a phone with a 4.7-inch display. Yes, both the rumored N1 Mini and the G2 Mini have screens smaller than their full-size counterparts, but a 5-inch display was phablet territory a year ago. 

Moving on, the leak sadly doesn’t go into much detail about the N1 Mini’s specs, but does say it’ll retain a similar design and the N1’s primary feature, its cool rotating camera module. Still unique, this makes the N1’s 13-megapixel rear camera the front camera, and vice versa. We got some hands-on time with the N1 during Mobile World Congress, and were impressed with not only the motion of the module, but also the overall build quality of the N1.

The only other spec mentioned is the possible presence of an octa-core processor, which we take it will be one of MediaTek’s chips. There’s also the chance of both a 3G and a 4G LTE model, a strategy Oppo introduced with the recently announced Find 7. There’s a question mark over whether Oppo will include the N1’s rear touch panel on the Mini model, but as the phone isn’t really that small, there should be plenty of room to do so. Similarly, we’d hope for a 1080p screen resolution too, otherwise pixel density will suffer.

According to the report, we should look out for the N1 Mini in May or June.