Rumor: Oppo preparing to take back world’s thinnest smartphone title with 6.13mm thick RT809T

Oppo RT809T LeakFor a while, Chinese manufacturer Oppo held the record for the world’s thinnest smartphone with the Finder, which measured just 6.65mm thick. It was soon usurped by the Vivo X1 at 6.55mm thick, and most recently the Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra, which shaves another few tenths to bring the chassis measurement down to 6.45mm.

Do you really think Oppo is going to take this lying down? The answer is, of course, no as Oppo is apparently about to introduce a new device which will reclaim the crown of world’s thinnest phone. Currently known as the R809T, it’s said to be a mere 6.13mm thick, showing the others how you really beat a record by not fiddling about with reduction of just 0.05mm.

A spy shot shows a side-on view of the phone, and although we’re not quite good enough to spot the difference in size between this and the One Touch Idol Ultra, it certainly looks pretty slim. A few specification details have also been leaked, and the new Oppo phone could have a 4.5-inch screen with a 720p resolution, and a quad-core MediaTek processor backed up by 1GB of RAM.

Should the Oppo RT809T – which we bet will use another variation of the word Find for its retail name – be real and is released soon, there’s also a chance it’ll be sold elsewhere in the world other than China. Oppo took the unusual decision to make the Find 5 available in the U.S., and even has the phone on sale with Amazon for $499. As for the RT809T’s arrival, the rumor report says it may be announced on April 26, and cost the equivalent of $400.

If Oppo does take back the world’s thinnest smartphone title, surely the next challenger will have to drop below 6mm to make an impression. Are we ready for an unfeasibly thin, smartphone?