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Oura Ring’s monthly plan detailed as Workout HR feature arrives

Oura, the company behind the excellent Oura Ring smart ring, has provided Digital Trends with an update on when certain expected features will arrive on the ring, and also additional clarity on how its forthcoming subscription system will affect who can enjoy them. The details came in response to our article about what it has been like to live with the third-generation Oura Ring, and the impact the subscription package may have on its future.

The sensors in the Oura Ring.
Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

The company provided the following statement:

“Oura is committed to continuously driving value for users by offering new features and content in-app on an ongoing basis. Users can look forward to seeing new rollouts added month to month including Workout HR which will be available to all iOS users on June 1, and all Android users by the end of June. Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Sensing will also be available this summer, followed by an improved Sleep Staging algorithm in the fall. Oura has also launched more than 75 videos and audio sessions for users to Explore, up from 50 earlier this year. This is just the start of more to come.”

We asked the company about how this fits in with the subscription package that will come into effect for Oura Ring owners after six months of ownership, when it will cost $6 per month. It has provided details already, but you have to look for the information on the company’s website, and we wanted to better understand what you will pay for in the future.

We were told all features — including the existing daytime/live heart rate data, Restorative Time, Period Prediction, improved temperature sensing, and the recently launched Workout Heart Rate — will only be accessible to paying subscribers with a third-generation Oura Ring, once the six-month free period ends.

Workout HR, membership details

After that point, or if you decide to cancel the membership plan, all you will see are the basic Oura “Scores” covering Sleep, Activity, and Readiness, plus the battery status of the Oura Ring and your basic profile. All the data that contributes to the Oura Scores will be locked out, along with all other features including temperature and heart rate, along with the Explore tab in the app where you’ll find guided wellness sessions, plus insights into your data and historical context. Oura added:

“Oura has consistently heard from its community that they want more tools that help them understand their health data and what actions to take to improve their health, which is why Oura is rolling out more accurate data, more innovative features, a new library of science-backed education content, and guided wellness sessions which all be included in the monthly membership.”

The Workout HR feature has arrived on our iOS Oura Ring app, and is activated using the “Plus” symbol on the main screen. From here you can select the type of activity — outdoor or indoor running, outdoor or indoor cycling, or walking — and activate the workout. You have to manually end the session, at which time it shows heart rate data throughout, plus duration, active calorie burn, intensity, and a map of your route if you were outside.

It’s the first of the major features promised by Oura to arrive since the launch of the third-generation ring last year. Android owners will get the feature by the end of the month. The long-awaited SpO2 measurement will come during the summer, but no exact date has been provided. The much-needed new Sleep Staging algorithm will come in the fall, but again, no precise date is available.

The Oura Ring is available now starting at $299, or $950 for the new Oura x Gucci version, and including in this price is six months of membership. Once that period ends, the Oura Membership plan costs $6 per month.

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