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Google Clock now also supports Pandora, YouTube Music as alarm options

Google Clock now also supports Pandora and YouTube Music as alarm options, with the feature added to the app’s version 6.1 update.

The first music streaming service that Google Clock supported was Spotify, when it was added in July last year. It was strange that Google’s own YouTube Music was not available as an option from the start, though Google said then that support for the service was going to be added soon.

It took nearly a year, but YouTube Music, alongside, Pandora, are now available as alarm options in Google Clock.

Waking up isn’t easy, but now it can be a little more fun. Pandora lets you set your alarm sound on #Google’s clock app. Learn more:

— Pandora (@pandoramusic) March 1, 2019

⏰ Go ‘head and ring the alarm! ⏰ Now YouTube Music Premium works with the Clock app from @Google. Wake up *or snooze* to your favorite tracks every morning →

— YouTube Music (@youtubemusic) February 28, 2019

To wake up to tracks from Pandora or YouTube Music, users will need to follow these steps.

  1. Download or update to the latest versions of Google Clock, as well as Pandora or YouTube Music.
  2. Launch Google Clock and create an alarm.
  3. Tap on the bell icon and select a music streaming service.
  4. Select the tracks that will play once the alarm goes off.

Once the alarm goes off, the selected music will play, complete with album art displayed in the background. Users will then have the option to snooze the alarm, disable it, or keep listening to the music that they chose.

Waking up to tracks you select from Spotify, Pandora, or YouTube Music is a welcome change from the buzzing sounds usually associated with alarms, and the jingles that quickly become very annoying. Each music streaming service gets its own tab in the Google Clock app, allowing users to select tracks from each service’s popular playlists or from their whole library.

With the ease of selecting your favorite music for Google Clock alarms, you can choose the tracks that will wake you up before you go to sleep every night to get you ready for whatever you expect to face the following day.

Pandora caught up with Spotify in November last year when Pandora Premium, the ad-free version of the service, was finally added to Amazon’s lineup of devices, including the Echo smart speakers. Our comparison between the two music streaming services found Pandora had an edge over Spotify in music discovery and cost, but Spotify was the overall winner of the head-to-head.

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