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Dual-boot Android and Windows tablets aren’t dead just yet — Pipo has one on the way

pipo made dual boot tablet onda v919 01
The Onda V919 is shown above.
No, Google wasn’t very keen on the idea of devices that can boot into Android and Windows (just ask Asus and Huawei), but that hasn’t stopped Chinese manufacturer Pipo from making a hybrid device of its own.

As reported by Liliputing, Pipo’s latest and greatest is a 10.1-inch tablet powered by an Intel Core M processor, a CPU known for its efficiency and increased battery life in devices that have it in their cores. The tablet is given 4GB of RAM, as well as one USB 3.0 port, SD card slot for memory expansion, and a proprietary dock connector, so you can connect it to a keyboard.

The tablet’s raison d’être is its ability to boot into either Android or Windows 8.1 at will. One interesting thing to note is not the price tag, which is around $400, but its activation status. Based on an image snapped by AndroidPC, Pipo’s tablet doesn’t appear to have been activated. This could mean you’ll have to buy a product key for Windows 8.1 within 30 days if you want to keep using it. Depending on the product key you buy, it could add around $100 to the overall price of the device.

This was likely a cost-saving measure on Pipo’s part, but it’s something you’ll have to keep in mind if you’re interested in purchasing the tablet. Unfortunately, there’s no word on when it will be available, though it could be announced sooner rather than later. The Pipo tablet is also unlikely to find its way out of Asia.

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