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Powermat’s Charging Spot 4.0 is compatible with more devices, easier to install

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Powermat — the company behind providing consumers with wireless charging pads within retail locations — is introducing a new way to charge your device. Known as Charging Spot 4.0, the new platform is less of a hassle to install and is compatible with more devices.

You might have already seen one of Powermat’s wireless charging spots at a Starbucks location but it is also available at airports, malls, arenas, and other coffee shops. By downloading the app, it will be able to tell you where the closest one is based on your location.

When customers walk into a public space that offers the charging stations, they are able to set their phones down on the table to begin to charge wirelessly. But for those whose smartphones aren’t compatible, the company offers a Powermat Ring to plug into your phone which then transfers the power wirelessly.


But in its latest venture, Powermat could make its charging spots more accessible for both retailers and consumers. Rather than requiring expensive installation, Charging Spot 4.0 can be easily placed under the table without having to drill into furniture. It’s also capable of transferring power through surfaces that range from 0.5 to 1.5 inches thick.

All that is required is installing what looks like a small black plate underneath the table with two screws. On top of the table, you place a circular sticker which will act as the charging spot to place your phone. With cables remaining under the table, the surface can stay neat and clean from clutter. Regardless of the device you’re planning on charging, you only need one sticker.

While it can only charge one device at a time, the sticker is compatible with smartphones, laptops, wearables, and tablets. But there can also be eight charging spots installed on one power supply. With its SmartInductive Technology, Charging Spot 4.0 can support zero to 40 watts of charging power on a single platform.

It also has universal support and is compatible with Qi, AFA inductive, Apple’s 7.5-watt wireless charging, and fast-charging capabilities for Android.

In addition to unveiling its latest platform, Powermat also announced it has joined the Wireless Power Consortium in an effort to add to the Qi ecosystem. It’s now one of more than 360 companies supporting the Qi standard alongside Samsung, LG, Apple, and more.

Powermat’s Charging Spot 4.0 will be debuting at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show this month.

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