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No, it’s not cuddly, but the Pup scanner makes document scanning painless

Whether you’re scanning a big pile of receipts for your expense report, digitizing an old book, or capturing your child’s latest artwork to share, the Pup scanner makes the process quick and painless. Compared to something like the Epson DS-320, this device takes portability to a whole new level. It’s a stand-alone scanner that’s just 5.3 inches long, 1.26 inches wide, and weighs 7 ounces (200g). All you have to do to scan is hold it over the document you want to capture, line up the red laser frame with the edges, and press the button on top.

The document is automatically uploaded to the cloud via Wi-Fi and stored or shared based on your preferences. Use the smartphone companion app and you can configure precisely what you want the Pup scanner to do with your scans. There is also a small touchscreen for quickly changing settings directly on the Pup scanner. Although it works via Wi-Fi, the Pup does have storage onboard, giving it enough space to record 10,000 pages if you’re offline.

You can send documents to one or more email addresses, store them on a server somewhere, or print them out. The Pup scanner also supports optional character recognition, or OCR, so you can export text directly into Word or Excel if you want. By mapping the document in 3D, the Pup scanner can remove curvature or deformation, and it has a built-in LED light to ensure your target is perfectly illuminated. You can also choose to automatically crop, rotate, and compress documents, set your preferred sharpness, and decide between color or black and white.

We tried the Pup scanner out for ourselves at IFA in Berlin and found it really fast and easy to use. You can scan multiple pages in seconds, and it has a comfortable, rounded design, so you can scan with one hand and change pages with the other. The built-in battery gives you 12 hours of scanning time, and there’s a USB-C port for recharging. Just make sure you have a good USB-C cable.

The Pup scanner comes from the most successful French startup ever to run an Indiegogo campaign — they raised $620,000, more than triple the original goal. It’s set to ship in December and if you want one, it will cost you $199. Check out the website for more information.

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