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Verizon hires lots of cute puppies to unbox LG’s new G5 smartphone

Puppy Unboxing of the LG G5 Smartphone from Verizon
Clearly aware that unboxings can often be rather dry and dreary affairs, Verizon decided to call upon the services of a litter of mischeivous puppies to tear the wrapping off the G5, LG’s new flagship smartphone that launches today.

Well, the video may start off as an unboxing, but it rapidly descends into a kind of cheerful, fluffy torture test, demonstrating the handset’s ability to withstand a playful mauling by a gang of cute canines.

Indeed, rather than the use the device to make calls, take photos, play games, or surf the Web, the dogs simply gnaw the device, treating it like a high-tech bone. But they’re cute so who cares?

Fortunately for anyone actually wanting to learn something about LG’s latest latest, Verizon’s ad also drops in a few of its features (features that “puppies love,” apparently), among them its always-on display, all metal unibody design, wide-angle camera lens, and, last but not least, its fascinating “Friends” ecosystem that features a range of modules and accessories for the handset.

The G5 lands at Verizon with a $624 price tag, while its monthly deal comes in at $26 for 24 months. For information on G5 prices with other carriers, check out DT’s guide here.

Wacky unboxings are apparently becoming par for the course for mobile carriers. T-Mobile recently performed “probably the world’s fastest unboxing” of the G5 inside a speeding rally car, while in February the same company sent an employee into a swimming pool for a rather wet unveiling of Samsung’s Galaxy S7 handset.

The stunt was designed to highlight the smartphone’s waterproof capabilities, but of course also showed off the company’s penchant for silly, though perhaps effective, marketing stunts.

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