Ringly brings a tech buzz to connected jewelry

ringly brings tech buzz connected jewelry pink sapphire

Forget smart watches, what the world really needs is some smart bling — and Ringly is happy to oblige.

The startup is now taking pre-orders for its connected jewelry, which at this point consists of four nice-looking Bluetooth-connected rings that vibrate and/or light up to let you know some is calling, texting, or arriving — even if you just walked away from your precious smartphone.

The rings look basically like a normal fashion accessory and not the Hope Diamond, and feature four stone color choices on a gold band. A tiny battery in the ring gives two days service according to Ringly, and you recharge it by putting it in its jewelry box, which connects to a power source with a USB cable. An app allows you to manage the ring’s actions, of course.

Ringly looks like an answer to an issue many people have. At times when a phone’s ringer is off, you might miss the buzz of your phone if it’s in a purse or not on your body in some manner. It’s also an overall discreet and simple way to let you know about an incoming call or message.

So far, the four styles available are geared toward female buyers with ring sizes 6 through 8. Hopefully, more models will become available as time goes on. Early buyers can sign up now to get a Ringly ring at a discounted price of $145 with deliveries slated for the fall. 

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