Hands off — Rive wants to make it impossible for you to text and drive

The best way to ensure you won’t text and drive? Make it impossible to do so.

That’s the logic behind new Kickstarter project Rive, a combination of hardware and software that promises to “eliminate the ability to text and drive while keeping you connected to what matters.” The goal of the product is to take away both the temptation and the ability to use a mobile device while you’re on the road, all the while keeping your phone on your dashboard. Because ultimately, wouldn’t you rather your device be where you can see it instead of hidden away in your pocket or purse where you might be tempted to fish it out at its first ring?

So what goes into Rive? First and foremost, there’s the hardware. Simply plug one side into your dashboard, and the other side (a clip) will block your phone’s home button, which means that you literally won’t be able to check your phone while you’re driving. As for the Rive software, when your vehicle is in use, the Rive app will hold all your text message alerts (and anything else you ask it to keep for later). If you’re on a longer road trip, your contacts can receive a customizable auto-reply letting them know that you’re driving and can’t get to the phone.

However, should you need to make a phone call or use your smartphone’s GPS capabilities, Rive lets you take advantage of all these functionalities. And of course, all your entertainment services like music and podcasts will be unhindered by Rive.

Sure, there are other products that purport to serve a similar purpose, but Rive promises to offer “effective safety protocols without the overbearing and invasive restrictions (e.g. blocking all phones in the car, requiring a complicated dashboard installation, or allowing for GPS tracking of the vehicle’s location).” Installing and using Rive is about as easy and intuitive as buckling your seat belt, and thus far, its Kickstarter backers seem to agree, as they have pledged $27,000 to the project.

Pre-ordering a Rive will set you back $100, and delivery is estimated for November 2017.