Galaxy S4 is compatible with Verizon’s next generation of LTE


The Samsung Galaxy S4, just made its debut to Verizon less than a week ago, after a bit of delay, much to the dismay of customers eager to ditch their old devices in exchange for the next great phone.

Well, the device is making headlines once again. According to a report from Bloomberg, not only is this phone able to take advantage of Verizon’s super fast 4G LTE speeds, but it was also built to withstand the mobile carrier’s next network upgrade which, once completed, should double Internet speeds. This information comes directly from Verizon’s vice president of network support, Mike Haberman, confirming that each device comes fully ready to work with the company’s Advance Wireless Service spectrum. The phones will require a software upgrade, but that should be a quick download. (Though unconfirmed, we imagine it will be substantial and require Wi-Fi connection to complete.)

Construction on this expanded network has already begun, and urban customers can expect to see the faster network start to roll out in the coming months. (New York City was the only city that we could verify as one of the first.)

While this upgrade is going to make the current LTE network feel like dial-up, in another three years, we’ll be seeing speeds of up to seven times faster, says Haberman. In preparation of the increasing network speeds, the company plans to expedite introduction of more compatible devices.

It’s excited to see this rapid evolution in network connectivity; at this rate, it won’t be long before our mobile devices are outperforming our home computers.

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