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Samsung's looking to increase wireless chargers' workload, patents show

Wireless charging sounds cool, but the flat, round or rectangular slabs haven’t really seen a lot of innovation in how they function or design — unless you count being embedded into furniture. Samsung is reportedly playing around with a few design ideas that would let you wirelessly charge a smartwatch, like the Gear Fit 2, and a smartphone at the same time.

Patent filings, uncovered by Patently, show three different designs for a wireless charger that would let people charge two or more devices at the same time. Patently says the device “will be able to charge a camera, wearable device, necklace, electronic glasses, head-mounted-device, smartwatch, electronic tattoos, smartphones, and tablets.”

Images show a device that lets you rest a smartphone or tablet on it, and then wrap the bottom with a headset or smartwatch. Both devices will wirelessly charge in this manner.

samsung wireless

It’s not entirely revolutionary technology, as we have seen similar tech using alternative methods from the likes of Fli Charge. Still, it’s a useful accessory for the nightstand when you want to quickly drop your devices and have them seamlessly charge without dealing with any cables.

It’s unclear if this device would only be suited for Samsung’s lineup of devices, or when we could even see the product hitting the market. The patent application was filed in January, so there’s a chance we could see it soon — perhaps at Samsung’s Note 7 unveiling on August 2.

If you’re interested in the designs of the wireless charger, you can check them out here.

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