Siri’s tougher brother Vito will stop you from uploading those nude photos

siris tougher brother vito will stop uploading nude photos

In the wake of the nude photo leaks that embarrassed a number of celebrities this week, Apple is promising to tighten up the security around it’s iCloud service with a number of upgrades, including push notifications for any account changes. Tim Cook would do well to take Jimmy Kimmel’s idea into consideration too: A tough, no-nonsense relation of Siri that warns you against uploading compromising pictures to the Web in the first place.

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The talkshow host’s skit introduces Vito, the brother of Siri and someone who’s not to be messed with. Vito takes a much harder line when users attempt to upload nude selfies to the cloud and might even call your mother if you step out of line once too many times. It’s all done in jest but perhaps some of us do need a digital nanny to save us from our own stupidity.

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More than 100 well-known celebrities have been hit by the attack, with revealing shots posted to 4chan before going viral across the Web. Since it was confirmed that iCloud was the service involved, Apple has announced that the breach was due to user passwords being compromised rather than the platform being hacked directly. New protections will now be added to iCloud’s security system that warn users whenever an unrecognized device appears for the first time.

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What’s more, the two-factor authentication built into iCloud will be more aggressively promoted and cover restoring backups as well as accessing accounts, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said. Perhaps Jimmy Kimmel has the right idea though — some of us just need to hear an authoritative voice of reason when we’re about to make ourselves vulnerable online.